Place Value Resources and Geometry stuff

Welcome to the site! This is really just like a virtual file cabinet, that I am inviting you to raid at will… Read what’s inside, take out the stuff you need, leave me a post-it with a note or 2 if you like. 😀

So… If you’re here, you’re all looking for a couple of things. First, in the next post (below this one) you’ll find information on the Math Tool Kits I mentioned. Coming soon are some additional games for early primary, but for now, Difference War and the Fact Family Feud will begin to address some of the issues we talked about today. Check out the Math Makes Sense Activity Banks in Units 2 and 4 for other games that use these materials.

The Hundreds Chart and Calculator applet for numbers patterns on-line can be found at the site, or by clicking here.

Click here for the Hundreds Chart applet that goes beyond 100.

Oh – and then you also wanted the COLOURED ten frames for printing on acetate. Click below for that too.

The line masters for the Shape Sort activity we did are from the Van de Walle resource, and can be found by clicking one the file name below.

This is a blank copy of the Shape Sort Concept Circle – a place for your students to record their thinking, like the boy who names his family “Shapes with dents”…!

Here’s a link to the BC Early Numeracy Project. The materials are available on-line, but if you go to the site by clicking here, the you’ll be able to see the covers of the materials and hunt them down… A link to the webcast with Dr. Heather Kelleher is at the right.

ok. I think that’s it.
drop me a line if you like – and come back and visit from time to time. I update this blog at least twice a week… Feel free to cruise the other posts – and the Blogroll links at the right. The Addem cartoons are LOVELY. Your kids will adore them. They describe the strategies we were doing today in a cartoon form. How fun is that??

Thanks for working with me today. It was great fun.

Carole 🙂


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  1. Christine Marin | Reply

    Hi Carole! Is the book Primary Problems to Ponder still available? I’d like to order it for our school library. Especially for the black line masters – in english and in french. Thanks!

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