Place Value – with money!

I had fun playing with place value concepts in Vernon last week with a FABULOUS group of grade 5 students.  We modelled large numbers in a place value cart (ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands using magnetized colour replicas of Canadian bills – or rather loonies, tens, hundreds and thousand dollar bills!  I built dollar amounts by placing bills of different denominations in their respective columns.  It was easy for students to say the total value of the bills when presented in this way – easier still to describe them in terms of expanded form and standard form.  :o)

Later we explored the idea of multiplication by 10 – and discovered that every time we multiply a number by ten, we move one place to the left in the place value chart.  Kids had fun trading twenty loonies for 2 ten dollar bills and writing the multiplication sentence to match!

I’ve attached pdfs of Canadian bills and coins (thousands, hundreds, tens, loonies, dimes and pennies) so that you can explore place value with tenths and hundredths of dollars as well.



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