Find It! A Subitizing Game

Good morning!

In Kindergarten and Grade 1, students need practice subitizing.  That is, being able to recognize at a glance and name familiar arrangements of objects without counting.  It’s an important precursor to estimation, skip counting and multiplication, and depends on students’ understandings of conservation — that 5 is 5, no matter how it is arranged.

find it game partners exampleIn this simple partner game, students roll a standard die and then find a cell with the same number of dots. They cover the dots with a counter in their colour and then give their partner a turn. Three in a row in a single colour wins the game.

Small groups or even the whole class can play the Bingo version of this game. Each student needs a bingo card and a small handful of counters in a single colour. Have the “caller” roll a die and call out the number to be covered.  As in traditional Bingo, three in a line (across, down or diagonal) wins the round.

Click on the links below to download the partner game and/or the Bingo version of this game.



Find it – Add and Count for K&1

Find It Bingo forms 3by3

8 responses

  1. Oh, I love these! Thank you! Will test one out on Monday 🙂

  2. Another great idea! Thanks for sharin

  3. The importance of this cannot be stated strongly enough. I have had a shocking number of grade 8 / middle school students who could not subtilize at all. Needless to say, their basic math skills were non-existent. Please do this a lot in the younger grades. Students are not getting it at home anymore by playing Yahtzee, cards, or snakes and ladders.

  4. Thank you Carole! I’m going to use this with my students in France. I’m an English teacher and I’m always looking for fun ways to teach number skills in English.

  5. Thanks Carole. Can’t wait to use it!

  6. There may be so much power in hearing kids speak to one
    another about math and to make statements that compare and contrast methods .

    The subsequent time you are trying explain graphs, see how lots of your listeners
    can let you know what a function is.

  7. Thank you. Great resource.

  8. […] In math, we have been learning about recognizing numbers to 100 and have been working really hard on subitizing numbers 1-10 using a 10-frame format. We are looking forward to an exciting week of winter […]

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